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          Safe operation of hot air circulation oven
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           Hot air circulation of electrothermal blowing hot air circulation drying oven association (hereinafter referred to as the drying oven), is the upgraded FY841 type, pay more attention to energy saving and safety of products, the state economic commission focus on promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection heating new technology, when it is absorbed by the heated object can be converted into heat energy, thereby gaining rapid drying effect, to shorten the production cycle, save energy, improve product quality, etc.It is a kind of ideal drying equipment with broad prospect because of its convenient use and remarkable effect.It is suitable for the production workshop or laboratory of industry and agriculture, medical and health care, plastic machinery, colleges and universities and scientific research departments

            1、This regulation should be read carefully before use or maintenance, and the requirements of this regulation must be strictly implemented

            2、The hot air circulation oven should be placed indoors in a dry and horizontal place without other fixed devices.
            3、Make sure there is enough space around the hot air circulation oven. The gap zui is 160 mm. It is installed in the environment with little vibration and little temperature change
            4、Before energizing, check the electrical performance of the box, and pay attention to whether there is circuit break or leakage
            5、Do not put flammable volatile goods into the drying box to avoid dry explosion.
            6、Do not put anything in the top and bottom of the hot air circulation oven.
            7、The installation position of each heating wire of the heater must be checked before use to prevent the hot wire from overlapping or colliding
            8、When sending or taking out articles into the hot air circulation oven, protective gloves must be worn to prevent scalding
            9、Check whether the cooling fan is free of sundries and normal, and ensure that the engine running under high load is cooled in time, which will not cause jumping due to high temperature
            10、When maintaining the hot air circulating oven, make sure that the hot air circulating oven has been completely cooled to room temperature and the power supply has been turned off

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